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Ray of Hope

A ray of hope, it timidly peeked.

The evening sky, it gleamed.

A smile on the lips, so refreshing.

Am locked behind doors, were they teasing? 

A desire to embrace the new.

To fly like the chirping birds.

Staring at the horizon, the day ends.

I question, when the world its habits will mend.  


There goes the road… winding downhill…
Dusty…’tis a path that’s neverending…
Into the horizon… into the mist.. it melted
Like a mindless wanderer, meandering…

Aligning to the night stars bright…
Into the vastness it traversed..silently
Uncared, yet so pivotal to wordly existence…
It slithered past the eyes… stealthily

Into the gray it went peacefully…
Turning at the umpteen bends…cautious
As if a new thrill seems to await…
Alas there’s none… life’s so monotonous…

Distant lands beckon with eager…
Drifting… it strays towards colorful dreams…
Appalled…it stops, aghast at phony feelings…
Retraces… it heads toward unpretented realms…

Etching past thorny bushes… unhurt
Into the haunted wilderness it wanders…
Aspiring for a destiny… still undefined…
Like a nomad into the oblivion… it meanders.

A Walk

Remember our walk during moonlit days,
By the side of the whispering river,
It’s crystal light on your face,
As our fingers did entwine and quiver.

Absorbed in your dreamy gaze,
I’d uttered words like a toddler,
Brushing past the grassy maze,
Into the white mist did we wander.

Timeless moments of sweet chatter,
Furthered the meet of our minds,
Leading to an idealistic banter,
Of politics and inane guidelines.

Remember how under the starlit skies,
We sauntered like the passive wanderer,
Following the trail of the fireflies,
Humming tunes with theatrical fervour.

Lost in the world of our dreams,
We heard none but our hearts beat,
Your warm caress was my realm
Our eyes locked in an amorous meet.

Mellowness of the Dawn

The blessed sun of spring

Bloomed with mellow beauty

Evoking innocent feeling

Of love, peace and serenity.


As darkness bids fond adieu

To morning’s golden haze

Blue birds twittered notes a few

To usher this pristine phase.


Gentle breeze hugged the trees

And whispered secrets of life

As flowers in a bid to appease

Stood to greet the merry wife.


Sunken eyes that opened wide

Gazed with a dreamy guise

Unnerved of the wordly chide

Lost in a lover’s paradise.

Sunset Story

The morning has called it a day,

Tired, it slips into deep slumber,

Wrapped in blankets of orange and grey,

It drowns in heavenly wonder.


Lullaby of the returning swallows,

Lulls the sea to mellow serenity,

As the night stealthily follows,

On a path of shinning placidity


Sordid moments of the bygone day,

Drown deep like the setting sun

As farmers with their golden hay,

Slip in a moment of jig and fun.


The aroma of the evening breeze,

Intoxicating, it steals my solace,

As I sway with the colossal trees,

My eyes fancying your blessed face.


Beyond the mystical horizon,

With a trail of our innocent love,

We meandered, singing in unison,

Dreaming of the heavens above.


A million hopes I envisage,

A thousand dreams I sketch,

Boundless and limitless in my heart

Spontaneous optimisms I etch.


Across the briny blue ocean,

I sail at will, no charts to guide,

To lands that pirates don’t dare,

Sails and squalls, I no longer abide. 


Unchained melody of my heart,

I sing with absolute informality,

Neither notes, nor timbres to follow,

Carefree of any crude mockery.


Lost in my lover’s sweet caress

I free my restrained passions

Love rhythms creating pure music,

Liberating my flimsy moral conscience.


Like the breeze wafting with ease,

I float across without strife,

As free as the spirits of Eden,

Away from the circle of life.