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Sun or Lord…

How you shine with utmost grace…
Glowing vibrantly, yet swelled with pride…
The world entwined in your forceful embrace.
In utmost glory of your shining armor,
Resplendent… regal… flamboyant…
The skies you rule with deep ardor.
The lord they call you… but of course…
The power supreme, the life provider…
Master of the light source.
Patron of the divine arts…
A craftsman… A showman you are…
Ever reigning over our  hearts.



Mellowness of the Dawn

The blessed sun of spring

Bloomed with mellow beauty

Evoking innocent feeling

Of love, peace and serenity.


As darkness bids fond adieu

To morning’s golden haze

Blue birds twittered notes a few

To usher this pristine phase.


Gentle breeze hugged the trees

And whispered secrets of life

As flowers in a bid to appease

Stood to greet the merry wife.


Sunken eyes that opened wide

Gazed with a dreamy guise

Unnerved of the wordly chide

Lost in a lover’s paradise.

Song of Summer

Soulful song of the maturing sun,

Harmonies lulling one to sleep,

Weave magic webs of perpetual fun,

Mesmerising me in a trance so deep.


The buzz of the diligent bee,

Sucking nectar sweet and pure,

Remind me of life overtly free,

Under the clear skies of azure.


Melodious echoes of the lark,

Unite with the church choir,

Creating symphony mild and stark,

Making maidens dance in the foyer.


Cheery hums of bonny damsels,

Merry laughter of happy fellows,

Morph the discord of stupid assails,

And orchestrate the dancing shadows.


Babble of the silvery streams,

Songs of the whispering willow,

Speak of pleasant summer dreams,

Of destined paths I should follow.