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The Brave Warrior

Amidst fiery battlegrounds,
Where wolves roam free,
She stood brave and strong,
Facing squalls of envy.

Fearless, she drew her sword,
Unnerved by deathly winds,
She charges ahead with vigour
Swiftly within an eye’s blink.

‘Twas a battle of filthy lust,
She fought with hallowed silence,
Wearing armours of virtue and trust
To end this smutty pestilence.

With fair grace did she lodge,
The pennant of pure victory
Though death she couldn’t dodge
But immortalised in human history.


Cast Away

Time has stood still today,

Frozen with thy words, mocking,

Crude ‘n’ coarse than dried hay,

Spewing deep hate so shocking.


Etched hastily on this pasty note,

“I dost not any love for you”,

‘Twas a verdict you wrote

My life into shambles it threw.


Was I a tawdry plaything?

An article of fleeting pleasures,

Cast into the alleys stinking

An object worthy for beggars.


Sweet words of fancy passions

Thy promises of endless ties,

Were they mere pretentions,

Thee uttered in our love nights?


In faith my soul I pledged,

Surrendered to your free will,

Your wish with grace I obeyed,

Yet to befall this ordeal.


For thee I shall though wait

Through the eternal realm of time,

Destiny cannot but join our fate,

‘Cause the heavens know you’re mine.


‘Twas a scene they created,

A moment of sheer hate,

Unfolding a day so ill-fated,

Scoffing at my humble state.


Sharp words of utter discourtesy,

Ripped my modest conscience,

Baring me to crude flippancy,

Murdering my genuine reverence.


How sarcastic…what insolence,

They sneered at my ordinary wishes

Their laughter of hollow arrogance,

Slapping me with forceful dispraises.


It’s a war they have waged

A tragedy wrought with pain

A battle I shall emerge unscathed

And they’ll shed tears in vain.