And in his eyes did I longingly gaze,

‘t wasn’t the image I perceived,

but a reflection of a stranger dark.

I know not this person with an icy stare

Lost in the deep, his soul had been slayed,

I tried to rescue his innocent spirit, but in vain

The thirst for power had led him astray…

Humanity had long gone… the house empty

And in his eyes did I longingly gaze,

Shattered to have lost my only friend.


Their voices echoed through the scorching sun…

’twas the holler of desperation, of recognition…

Their brows were wet, but footsteps steadfast…

Surging ahead for a drop of cooperation.

Flags were up, hands raised in unison…

The versicolor flaming above with pride…

Leading the pack with its ray of hope…

Penning the story of stereotypes defied.

What of color, what of choices…

What of gender, what of desires…

Like water, fluid, merging into one another..

Not a hate plot that nature conspires.

And though these voices were loud…

A deep silence emanates that’s but undefined…

Eyes though gleam, a lost gaze thrives…

Will the moral rules our freedom bind?

And yet to the flaming rainbow…

Did they joyously dance and cheer…

The winds of change kissing their locks…

They knew a new world was here.

A Tiny Tale

Photo by Christina Morillo on Pexels.com

She sat typing peacefully, a smirk on her face. She had done it. She had made her voice heard to halt the rising politics. Always bold and loud, she played it subtle this time, exposing the facts to the top brass. The effect was instantaneous. A chat message popped up. It read, ‘Thank You’. She smiled, satisfied that she was able to bring the much needed change.

Patience is a Virtue

They said patience is a virtue.

I smirked… smiled…maybe laughed.

Were they real or was it a mere mockery?

Of this badge that so proudly I wore…

Which the spirit upon me profoundly bestowed.

To tolerate the delay… and be not irritable,

To wait aeon, and yet not lose hope…

For that which is dear, yet miles away to reach…

The heart wrenches… I know not how to cope.

’tis a hustle out there… a race to somewhere unknown…

Confused I stare, or was it my patience reflecting?

And so I stand still, watching with bated breadth…

This wait they said will be rewarding.

The seasons passed… the longing more intense…

The eyebrows sunk, the vision a bit dim…

This hold-up seems a bit too long..

Yet I shall wait for the dreams to come true…

For they did say, patience is a virtue.

Of Life and Death

It is not the end she said smilingly.

But rather the start you waited for.

Of a journey that you had dreamed of,

Or the infinity that you deeply adore.

A slight shift it is into another room.

Not very different from where you were.

The light is same and so is the fragrance.

Only time has decided to slightly defer.

But be not worried, for you are the same.

Dazed and lost a little by the travel.

For it might have been a bit hasty.

Pardon me for this trouble.

This is but an eternal bond.

One that is but a holy communion.

Together we weave an endless tale.

Of separation, hope and union.

A Happy Trail

The misty morning intrigues me,

Into the dense I hastily dash,

Heaven seems to have been recreated

The vanilla woods are no longer brash.

Silvery flakes adorn the leaves

Glistening with a heavenly glow.

I saunter down the twisted path

A happy trail I leave on the snow.

Finches tweet and beckon me.

I smell the cold encircling me.

A magical moment, I stand bewildered

My heart soars, I feel liberated.

I rise to the serene blue above

Eternal happiness fills my bosom…

I float, I glide, … none can stop me.

I enter the gates of the silver kingdom.

Life has now come a full circle,

Nothing pains or hurts anymore.

Into the soft light I dissolve.

Am free, now and forevermore.

The Sky

How splendid is this azure sky,

Arms spread, it embraces one and all

Oh! How generous is its heart,

A soul with compassion filled.

To laden its bounty upon the needy

Yet not asking any in return…

An infinite empyrean… how marvelous

In its beauty did I get lost…

Its gold and silver jewels…

Which upon day and night brightly shine

My eyes in wonder did stare and admire.

And in its lap did my doves coo…

Calling me… but alas I couldn’t fly…

But my spirit did soar into its realm…

And a word or two silently I said,

Of how my nights were desolate…

To be soothed by its calming voice…

“Fear not. For evermore, will be your friend.

And embrace you when none by your side stand.”

A tear, a smile did emanate…this promise was no fake.

And to this day by me it stands…

Come hale, storm or rain or pain…

 How splendid is this azure sky…

Arms spread, it embraced me with entirety.

One Amongst Us

So what does it matter if he’s shy,

Or is draped in flamboyant costumes bright,

Or whether his curls cascade eloquently,

Like a waterfall, hiding the tale of his fights.

So what if he saunters with a graceful gait,

Or cries aloud and boldly expresses,

Or whether his lips red with passion,

Kiss a man whose love he fondly addresses.

So what if in the shadows he hides,

Sneered by so called friends of man.

Many a lesson up his sleeves he has;

His experience unmatched by anyone.

He is a human… just one amongst us.

Fearless… more a man, than many I trust;

A son, a friend, a brother, a lover…

My faith in whom I blindly entrust.


Why do you flutter away dreams,

Like butterflies in the boughs deep?

Ain’t my wishes not worth your time

Or too low for one to keep?

Fear not as I shall not entrap you.

But nurture you in my heart’s nest.

Like a spirit, stay with me forever,

Else in peace I shall not rest.

Let me feel your presence;

Come alive with fervor.

Color my otherwise morbid world.

Make this life a child’s wonder.

Let me lie

By the banks of the glistening lake,

Where the green kisses the dew,

Lost in memories endearing,

Let me lie under the sky so blue.

The sunlight is beaming with love,

Like the touch of my mother’s hand,

On my face, its caress so warm,

Let me lie in the folds of her arm.

The heaven’s above are smiling,

So tranquil this day, yet a turbulence,

My heart pounds like the demon’s gong,

Let me lie untouched by worldly consequence.