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A sly pandemic out there,
A ravenous cyclone looms here,
An evil lightning blazes past,
Is the end of existence near?

Doors and windows though locked,
Like barbarians, rain waters charge in.
Drowning lives in deep uncertainty.
Life has gone on a turbulent spin.

Hapless souls with moist eyes,
Sit and watch the havoc around.
A silent prayer somewhere escapes.
Asking for a quick rebound.

One and a Half

It’s been a long one and a half.
These walls are now my friends.
Lifeless, yet silently they speak.
Trust me. I am not a freak.

It’s been a long one and a half.
The calendar flips stubbornly.
The clock utters with a mock.
Hold on! It’s not time yet to unlock.

It’s been a long one and a half.
Cacophony has long lost its seat.
I stare, dream… heave a sigh.
That this silence will end, is but a lie.

Ray of Hope

A ray of hope, it timidly peeked.

The evening sky, it gleamed.

A smile on the lips, so refreshing.

Am locked behind doors, were they teasing? 

A desire to embrace the new.

To fly like the chirping birds.

Staring at the horizon, the day ends.

I question, when the world its habits will mend.  


In the dark of the monsoon…
She sat timidly…frail and forlorn
Adrift in limitless thoughts…
Those good old days long gone.

Yearning for that touch… warm
The wind howled in a silent wail…
As the candle flickered tirelessly…
Memories dissolve…leaving a faded trail.

Into the misty gray she stared…
Eyes in search for that fairy tale…
Trembling fingers flip stained pages…
Tracing life through pictures pale.

Hello Abigail!”… a voice resounds from afar…
A momentary turn… she slips back again
The armchair rocked… eyes cast a questioning gaze…
He hadn’t come… it was an expectation in vain.


Livid…yes,livid I am
to see thy sweet smile…
the blush on thy rosy cheeks
the sparkle in thy eyes…

The scent of thy perfume…
Vibrant like the morning sun dance,
Kindle the soul within…
Eliciting sparks of sweet romance

The swish of thy velvety tresses.
Send ripples of an intimate desire…
Gentle fingers kiss my cheeks…
Bringing to life the amorous fire.

Utterances from thy luscious lips,
Like holy chants, flutter the soul within…
As I migrate into an elusive trance…
Enamored by thy voice…enchanting.

Where hast thou been, me question.
As I gaze at thee with wonder…
Speechless, I search for words…
Lost in thy mazey beauty….I wander.


twas in the arms of dawn…
Safe in a sweet embrace…
She lay in beauty profound…
Drenched in his sweet caress.

The softness of her face…
Is like the quill of a swan…
That glowed with divine radiance…
Enough to shame the autumn sun.

Her bosom heaved with passion,
Cuddled by the timorous brute…
He writhed to desire’s raging tunes…
As she played on his russet flute…

Like the dew on a rosette’s petal…
The nectar of his sweet love…
Trickled down her moist lips…
Pure ecstasy like the heaven’s above…


A series of mindless words

Or a string of illogical logic,

Creating a wrangle so garish,

And a situation so tragic!


It’s a nonsensical verbal combat,

Or a mind game, as they say,

Of twisted thoughts and ideas

Leading to a sense of disarray!


Opinions shared by one and all

Sweared in the name of democracy,

Creating mayhem – sane and intelligent though!

Dabbling in anger’s purple fancy.


Vulgar and convincing,

Tis a confession of highbrow impotence

Leaving nothing but an empty trail

A pitiful sight, a mere pittance.